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Curious about Coaching?

Our National Board Certified coaches at Found Focus are trained to facilitate communication that supports problem-solving and motivates action which results in improved well-being. 

Coaching Categories

Life Coaching

Life coaches partner with individuals to explore values, hopes and dreams, alongside health and wellness. This process works to elicit inner motivations propelling individuals toward goals supporting them towards living their optimal life

ADHD Coaching

Guides students through a process of self-discovery exploring strengths in order to eliminate barriers to their success in work, academics, and life.

Academic Coaching

Supports students by helping students with breaking down assignments, planning/scheduling, advocacy, accountability, and eliciting organization (by tapping into the students’ personal strengths). Through this, coaches will help students to increase their productivity and reduce feelings of overwhelm

What to Expect

During Your Coaching Session

Found Focus coaches are trained to provide accountability, structure, and inspiration for each student.
This often starts with students exploring the questions:
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Weekly 1-on-1 meetings, you and your coach will:

  • Meet for 30 minutes over video call

  • Explore areas for improvement

  • Identify necessary changes

  • Decide on actionable steps

  • Make a plan to move forward

Your coach is your accountability partner! 

  • Working with you to break down what you want to achieve into small manageable steps.

  • Providing support on how to manage executive functioning skills such as task initiation, procrastination, time management, and more!

  • Checking in with you periodically on your progress.

  • Helping you move past any roadblocks that may pop up throughout the week that hinder your success.

Walk away from your weekly meetings feeling confident in taking your next steps!

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