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Find Your Focus,
with ADHD Support

ADHD Lifestyle Management Program

Found Focus is an app based ADHD Lifestyle Program for college students that offers individual video coaching, micro online lessons, and lifestyle tools that support organization and improve productivity. 


Take control of your ADHD and get support to better manage executive functioning, improve emotion regulation and optimize quality of life once and for all!

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What We Provide

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching with
National Board Certified coaches

Gain a valuable team player who is trained to support and encourage you to make changes, improve performance, build self-esteem, and practice strategies for self-regulation and relaxation.

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Engaging micro lessons specifically curated to sustain attention for ADHD

Learn more about how ADHD might affect you and develop coping strategies and skills.

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Lifestyle tools that boost organization, task initiation, and productivity

Start to implement healthy habits and routines.

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Tell Me More

What is Found Focus?

Found Focus is an ADHD platform designed by ADHD-minded people in collaboration with our ADHD Experts!

With Found Focus
you will:
  • Understand how ADHD affects your learning and daily life

  • Link lifestyle choices to your functioning

  • Build success strategies for academics and daily life

  • Advocate for yourself effectively

  • Develop habits for wellbeing

Get extra support and guidance on how to manage your symptoms with human and technical resources for all things ADHD related!

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Executive Functioning

Executive functioning is a set of skills that help us plan, organize, and manage our time and behavior. Found Focus can help you tap into your executive functioning and build strategies for success. 

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Emotion Regulation

Emotion Regulation is becoming aware of your emotions and having the tools to take control of them. Found Focus can help you understand your individual emotion patterns and the habits that have developed over time, allowing you to shift patterns that are no longer beneficial to you.    

And More!

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Lifestyle Choices

Making lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep can improve your overall well-being and help you manage ADHD




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