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Here We Go Again

We are on the second full week of the semester and my head is spinning! This happens every time–but it always seems like a surprise. 

Ok! In order to get my feet back on the ground, feel organized, and less overwhelmed– according to ADDitudes resource recommendations– I need to do 3 things:

  1. Read the syllabus

  2. Review the course on Moodle (our student portal) 

  3. Check-in with your motivation for the course 

Sounds simple right? 

Ummm… not so much. 

Let’s talk about just bullet number one. Every class I have ever taken has a different kind of syllabus, with different grading systems, different rules, different structures, different timelines, etc. EVERY time I see a syllabus, I am overwhelmed by the time I read sentence number 2. 

Not to mention bullet number 3? Really, I basically just want to graduate. 

Although these are amazing tips – in theory. For me, it’s just not helpful–enough.  

Things that ARE more helpful: 

  • Having someone (a professor or coach) break down the syllabus with me. Pulling out info and organizing it in a way that makes sense to me. 

  • Thinking through whether the professor is a good fit for my learning style (and with the help of my advisor and/or coach) seeking out an alternative if we can’t make it work.

  • Communicating to my professors what I need to be successful (in very clear detail).

Ahhh… then maybe I am ready to jump in. This list may be different for each of us… and that’s why Found Focus is being developed. 

Upon entering college and independent living, there is a gap between the support many of us receive, as children and young teenagers, and being able to successfully navigate academic requirements, workplace expectations, and independent lives as adults living with ADHD. (2)

A systematic review of university students with ADHD showed that there are significant shortcomings in the accommodations currently provided. Interventions offered within the university systems are falling short of providing students with the opportunity to develop autonomy, build self-esteem, and practice strategies for self-regulation and relaxation. (2)  

Found Focus is a tool that will provide a systematic framework of curriculum and app features that, in combination with coaching support, can bridge the gap to interventions typically provided outside of the university systems. 

College life can be overwhelming and stressful for any student. However, for students with ADHD, transitioning from a place of IEPs and parental support into a college setting where they are on their own can be tough. Research shows that programs typically offered outside of university settings, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, coaching, and mindfulness training are beneficial to students with ADHD. (2) Students with ADHD could benefit from an extra layer of added support to set them up for success–and that is where Found Focus comes in.


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  2. Álvarez-Godos M, Ferreira C, Vieira MJ. A systematic review of actions aimed at university students with ADHD. Front Psychol. 2023;14:1216692. Published 2023 Jul 7. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1216692

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